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a person who pays close attention to the activities of members of the internet and telecommunications technology community. nerdwatching is facilitated by emerging applications through which members of this community can report on their activities (e.g. twitter, qik.com). these technologies are a common focus of members' attention, as are the reports of other members of the community resulting in a feedback loop, in which nerds feed information to other nerds, the audience and participants overlap, and nerdwatchers beget nerdwatchers. see also metanerd.
作者 branch flip 2008年7月14日
a member of the internet and telecommunications technology community who actively reports on technological developments in the field (as a profession, hobby, or both). this reporting is facilitated by emerging technologies, which are frequently the subject of reports (e.g. twitter, qik.com). individuals frequently cite the reports of other members of the community, resulting in a phenomenon in which new information of any value rarely emerges and members consciously and/or unconsciously promote the marketable technologies they require in order to try to make a name for themselves by drooling all over these technologies without actually doing anything but use them.
作者 branch flip 2008年7月14日


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