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The act of being fucked up or being put into a situation in which later, you will become fucked/owned
'I cheated on Tellulah and she found out'
'Ha! You're fuckin chiggered'
作者 buttfuck160792 2008年8月13日
The act of being jumped by a guy called Damo
Butler got Damo'd coz he decided to throw stones at Damo's window
作者 buttfuck160792 2008年8月13日
A faggot with dodged eyes, when you think they're looking at you, they ain't
Jim Hughes is a faggot. He has bongeyes
作者 buttfuck160792 2008年8月14日
the act of a small skinny white skater boy being jumped on a skate park by a group of black guys
'You coon'
'I say we fuck up this cracker'
After the attack, Nick Ben has officially been Nick Benned
作者 buttfuck160792 2008年8月13日
Home of Barcelona Fottball Club. The BEST stadium in Europe.
Wow, the Nou Camp is huge like my cock. This is easily the best stadium in Europe.
作者 buttfuck160792 2008年8月12日
an expression used by the people who are expressin shock or excitement
'he went for a shady one'
作者 buttfuck160792 2008年8月12日



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