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1. a prick

2. to be langered (drunk)

3. idiot
1. all teachers are langers

2. oh god my head i was langered last night

3. did ya see that langer over there he fell again
作者 chadsexington4 2006年10月04日
to be kicked in the junk at tremendous force. causing the recipient to bend over double
if you were losing in a fight and you thought you were gonna not make it out you would give the other guy a nutcracker
作者 chadsexington4 2006年10月04日
to behave in a dumb way. or to act like a tosser
bush and blair are the embodiment of tosserish behaviour. nuff said
作者 chadsexington4 2006年10月04日
law enforcement officers automobile ( cop car)
take it handy theres a two bulb comin up behind us
作者 chadsexington4 2006年10月04日
a local slang term for the cops. not to be confused with sunglasses
"oh bollocks here come the shades drop the weapon and run"
作者 chadsexington4 2006年10月04日
commonly used to describe someone you dont know when pointing them out to others
look at that feen over there
作者 chadsexington4 2006年10月04日


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