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Derisory term for someone who wears spectacles.
Oi! Ref ya specky bastard! You can't see the end of your nose you twat!
作者 chird 2003年9月10日
Fucking English Bastard
The Feb wore green wellies.
作者 chird 2004年3月01日
(Highland Slang) Person hailing from Dingwall or immediate area.
I'm off for a pint with some gudgies I know.
作者 chird 2003年9月10日
(Highland Slang) Person hailing from Dingwall or immediate area. Short version of gudgie or gudgie-coff.
I'm off to meet some gudge for a pint in the Mallard.
作者 chird 2003年9月10日
Not to be confused with specky, this term refers to the highly popular 80's home computer The ZX Spectrum. Believed to be coined by Your Sinclair magazine.
The speccy was the computer that had a heart for a processor.
作者 chird 2003年9月10日
A person who sucks penis, in a deep throat stylee.
He is a real nobgobbler, he'd suck the sweat off of dead mens balls
作者 chird 2003年9月09日
An establishment where people pay to be felched or to felch.
He goes to Liam's felch bar, I hear it has reasonable rates
作者 chird 2003年9月10日


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