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Someone who is physically attractive to him/herself, more than to others, in a sexual way.

From ipse (self) + sexual.
"I don't think of myself as heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, or even asexual. I'm mostly ipsexual."
作者 Chrekol 2005年7月10日
a gentle summer rain
The cloud juice began to fall, and I thought I was gonna melt into my seat. What a great night it was.
作者 Chrekol 2005年7月02日
To be raised, be heightened, go up.
"The quality of submissions is upanup."
作者 Chrekol 2005年7月04日
One's personal buzz words.
My bombi include 'berb', 'chipper', 'convo', and 'fugly'.
作者 Chrekol 2005年7月02日
The nervous feeling felt in one’s wrists and sometimes collarbone.
I started getting wrist spikes two hours before the test even started!
作者 Chrekol 2005年7月02日
feeling of being listless, bored, or dull
Nothing happened today, it was blickety blah.
作者 Chrekol 2005年7月02日
Most definitely, so much so that it can be nothing but obvious to everyone.
It was so obwious that I thought she was vegetized not to understand!
作者 Chrekol 2005年7月02日


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