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to take Ecstasy orally.
I dropped like 2 pills an hour ago and I'm rolling balls!!!
作者 Chrissy 2004年5月09日
Mint- Class, Brill, smashing,
That was Mint,
I saw this really MINT film at the weekend
作者 Chrissy 2004年12月23日
A little slice of heaven nestled in between Gaithersburg, Rockville and Olney.
All the cool kids live in derwood.
作者 Chrissy 2004年11月14日
the Best and Hottest Actor in the world i could dohim all day long!
I could do him until he can't do it anymore
作者 Chrissy 2004年3月22日
A person who sniffs butts.
作者 Chrissy 2005年3月11日
peoples who think that they are cool cus they can make fun of other peoples like them...you are all the same
You are such a "poser punk" for putting up definitions.
作者 chrissy 2004年2月04日
Laughing My Fucking Fat Ass Off!
After that bitch tried to pull my hair I was LMFFAO!(im not really fat) LOL
作者 Chrissy 2004年1月02日



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