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you very ferociously take a shit on a femals tits, then slowly slide your ass down on her chest where the shit is sitting, then you rub back and forth to rub the shit in... works as a wonderful moisterizer
fuck her then shit on her then rub it in with your ass!
clevland steam roller
#clevland steam roller #bullshit #sex jokes #waat #jokes
作者 crustynraunchy 2007年12月07日
a class, or schooling session that is nothing more than a joke, no homework, no authority, no control, its ridiculous and everyone is having a good time, the type of thing that makes school worth half the time your there, prevalent in junior high mostly
having mr. banhge is a guarantee joke class dude
#joke class #teacher joke #acid joke #the guys #peace
作者 crustynraunchy 2007年12月04日
a good fellow who deserves a much better life than what he is given, being constantly teased but then rising up to have mad respect out of the unique characteristics he has from being teased as a child, a good, non annoying christian person who is fun for a laugh or so. there life sucks
yo dooger check this out
#dooger #duggar #peace #minda #acid joke
作者 crustynraunchy 2007年12月04日
when a human, another human, and a walrus engage in a threesome sexual activity, once the walrus and man cum, they stop, then continue an hour from the previous orgasm to fuck the chick while shes crusty with cum.
the crusty walrus is something i do to people only before i break up with them
#sex position #walrus #crusty #acid joke #ridiculous
作者 crustynraunchy 2007年12月04日
one who lives in hemlock, and typically listens to metal or flies the confederate flag, they live in the country and get drunk plenty, also they love sporking and toilet papering.
that damn hemlock hick sure likes his beer

those hemlock hicks sporked my yard.
#hemlock #hick #hemlock hick #saginaw #sagnasty
作者 crustynraunchy 2007年12月04日
first, you take a massive crap on the floor beside the bed, and you have sex with your girl, as shes moaning and about to orgasm, you stop and pick up your shit and throw it at her, then cum on her leg giving you all the pleasure and her only the first half. then calmy put your clothes on and go play video games.
i would rather give her a poop surprise than to let her have a great time in bed
#poop surprise #shit toss #bullshit #ridiculous #fucknut
作者 crustynraunchy 2007年12月06日
an evil little teddy bear who hides in christmas trees, and christmas night breaks all the presents, pisses on the floor, and commits suicide for a good laugh of his peers, one tree can consist of 5 to 6 coo bears, i suggest you clean your tree out because they are little fuckers
hey man, you better clean your tree, those damn coo bears got my cousins last week.
#coo bear #acid joke #peace #ridiculous #minda
作者 crustynraunchy 2007年12月04日


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