11 definitions by dundlegrundleberrycherry

a popping turd out of the anus screaming and punishing you because you didnt take the time to shit this morning
whats his problem today? i dunno. he must have a turtle head
作者 dundlegrundleberrycherry 2003年2月25日
a rank smelling gust of air
I queefed in my boyfriends face. I hope he didnt hear it.
作者 dundlegrundleberrycherry 2003年2月25日
when a girls panties are in a twist
Dont mind Betty. Shes just having a scrimmage.
作者 dundlegrundleberrycherry 2003年2月27日
a lame excuse guys use to get girls in the sack
pain felt when a dude is left unfinished
Man my blue balls just wont quit you
作者 dundlegrundleberrycherry 2003年2月25日


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