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"trust" as in "Daddy sends me money--why work?"

Natty dread-locked white people who tend to drive Toyota Landcruisers, shop at cooperitve supermarkets, and smell of pachouli--common in northern California.
作者 earl chudwaggle 2002年9月25日
a person who has used excesive amounts of psychedelics, and exhibits long-term effects
That wigalot spent twenty minutes in front of my house, staring at a dog-turd.
作者 earl chudwaggle 2002年9月25日
Some puttyhead tried to eat the rubber dogshit I left on the table.
作者 earl chudwaggle 2002年9月25日
an unusually large, potent marijuana cigarette--term was popularized in northern California during the Gulf "War"
Isn't it about time to fire up that scud?
作者 earl chudwaggle 2002年9月25日


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