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Father Greg Boyle, S.J.
“ 'Nothing stops a bullet like a job.' This is the belief of unlikely gang expert Father Boyle, a Jesuit priest also known as G-Dog," who works with youth in East Los Angeles.
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作者 geoh777 2012年8月16日
To put boots on the ground means to have soldiers invade an area in order to determine what and who is actually present in that area, since using remote methods does not always provide reliable results. Having boots on the ground in an area means to have soldiers there in order to control what is happening in that area, especially to prevent opposing forces from carrying out and launching operations from there.
When the Department of Homeland Security put boots on the ground in the city center yesterday in order to assess the effectiveness of their drone strikes, they were met with a larger number of survivors than they expected. In fact, their company-sized detail were wiped out to the last man before a rescue and reprisal unit could be deployed. Actually, since all members of the reprisal unit declined to deploy to the city center, it was not deployed at all. This probably will end DHS attempts to have boots on the ground in the city center indefinitely due to thinning numbers of DHS members, both from battlefield casualties and desertions to the other side.
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作者 geoh777 2014年2月22日
To bust someone's chops (nonliteral meaning) is to say or do something that interferes with someone's line of expertise or leadership in something. Chops = skills or simply a person's line of action, especially at the moment; and busting = to stop something or interfere with something.
You always gotta bust my chops with some stupid remark during the TPS report meetings!
#interfering #interference #skills #expertise #leadership
作者 geoh777 2007年9月23日


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