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Just Out Of Curiosity
JOOC, why do you care?
作者 grapes 2004年7月18日
"To Each His Own" or "To Each Her Own", meaning there's no accounting for taste, different strokes for different folks, your mileage may vary, viva la difference
Some people like red wine with monk fish, TEHO.
作者 grapes 2006年5月05日
Spanish for "it surprises", when someone is unfamiliar with a common thing/notion/occurrence, usually used in a derogatory sense. Can be an adjective or a noun.
The apocraphal story of George H. W. Bush's sorprende experience with bar code scanners--he was reportedly amazed by the technology in a modern grocery store, because of his "elite" status. Snopes says it is false.
作者 grapes 2007年9月02日
Falling Off Chair Laughing My Ass Off
作者 grapes 2004年7月02日
I Am Surprised I Have To Explain This

Often used ironically
LOL means Lots of Linguini. IASIHTET
作者 grapes 2004年9月02日
a feminist who relies on no man
作者 Grapes 2003年6月05日
Falling Off Chair Laughing My MotherFucking Ass Off
作者 grapes 2004年7月02日


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