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"beyond barking". Where barking means mentally deranged. Barking is a stop on the District Line of the London Underground, and the stop at the end of the line, beyond Barking, is Upminster.
Most of his ideas are Barking, but this one is Upminster.
作者 hillsider 2010年11月16日
An amateur photographer who is unprepared for a fleeting photo-opportunity, or slow to snap the photo as a scene evolves, thus missing the key moment.
He's such a snaptard; the deer stood looking at us for ages, and then wandered off while he fumbled in his bag for the camera.
作者 hillsider 2010年9月21日
A scene or event that does not lends itself to successful photography.
Street signs everywhere and dull skies, the scene was snapbysmal.
作者 hillsider 2010年9月26日
A scene or event that lends itself to successful photography.
The fairground lights were awesome man, it was snaptastic.
作者 hillsider 2010年9月26日


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