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B.O, body odour. A nice smelling smell that you get if you don't shower regulary and sweat a lot.
Pronounced as BEE-OH
Woah, who smells of B.O?
作者 j00l.i.e 2003年4月26日
sex online
i lost my virginity by cybering!
作者 j00l.i.e 2003年4月26日
A sound people often make when they are confused or to express their question.
Huh? I don't know what you mean.
So you like cheese, huh?
作者 j00l.i.e 2003年4月26日
Shoo means, "go away, I hate you, you don't belong here, why are you still here, you're not supposed to be here, go away!". so instead of saying all that, you just say shoo!
作者 j00l.i.e 2003年4月26日
Instant Message or someone who can't be bothered to use an apostraphe for "I'm" (I am).
"some weirdo just imed me"
"im so lazy, man"
作者 j00l.i.e 2003年4月26日
Supermarket mostly found in Britain
Asda price!
作者 j00l.i.e 2003年4月26日
fuck in g-rated-chatroom-language
i wish we cud phuqing cuss in chatrooms
作者 j00l.i.e 2003年4月26日



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