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A way to call a VolksWagen Beetle.
I love bugs, They are so cute! (Girl's point of view)
作者 James Bond 2002年10月18日
1. German car company.
2. Bavarian Motor Works.
3. The Ultimate Driving Machine
Damn! The BMW Z8 kicks Mercedes's Ass!
作者 James Bond 2002年10月18日
When one gets arroused and off by bike parts
Brian Howey stop bikegasming over my bike magazine
作者 James Bond 2005年1月28日
A way to call a Ford Mustang.
My friend bought a Stang last year.
作者 James Bond 2002年10月18日
The period during which war heads and decoys are released during the last stage of a ballistic missle.
I was walking my dog when a post-boost phase... occured.
作者 James Bond 2004年5月13日


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