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a yellow bracelet that everyone wears and half of them doesn't even know that its to support cancer
Hey mista ill buy that livestrong from you for 20 bux even though i no its only worth 1... yay im coooool!
作者 jonny 2004年10月03日
A super super cool band, all there albums are exellent and people who dont like em should be .... *thinks*....shouted at alot, lol
Bowling for soup are the greatest band ever!
作者 Jonny 2003年9月04日
Finnish goth/rock band. VERY popular in Finland and various other countires (Germany etc.)
Led by frontman Jyrki, they have worked alongside Ville Valo from the amazing fellow Finnish band HIM and have had MTV and Jackass star Bam Margera direct their music video for 'Lost Boys,' from their latest album 'Devils' which rose to number one in the Finnish charts.
"Hey whats this song? Its amazing!"
"This? Oh its Feel Berlin by The 69 Eyes."
作者 Jonny 2004年12月31日
Originally a demi-god whose soul purpose was to destroy the common chav.
Now it is a term dedicated to those brave few who roam Britain's cold rainy streets, draped in their superior black and beholding great knowledge and wit. They often hang out in rock clubs, where they build their armies of darkness until they are ready to march to the Chav lair... the place they call 'McDonalds.'
Please donate generously to your local Chavhunter society. Just £2 a month will help make the world a better place.
Clutching his tridant, the chavhunter stood alone in the shadows, his black leather coat fluttering violently in the breeze. He was waiting for his prey to arrive.
作者 Jonny 2005年1月03日
department of motor vehicles (aka hell)
going down to the DMV!
作者 jonny 2002年12月03日
(interj.) said when expressing happiness!
i got a 100 on my test. YAYNESS!
作者 jonny 2002年12月03日
A language spoken mostly in Britain.
It derives from the popular language of 'English' but due to the great difficulty of this language, has been modified so that words above 2 syllables have been wiped out, and replaced by a selection of new words.
Chavish is reknowned for its common use of the word 'fuck,' often used as an adjective, a noun, a verb, an adverb and a pronoun.
Chavish also requires that the first syllable of one's name is taken and has 'az' added onto the end, to form a new Chavish name, eg 'Baz, Gaz, Taz, Shaz etc...'
Language experts at the university of Cambridge have been trying for years to decode this language, investing millions into 'Project Chavish' though all to no avail.
Chav: "Yo shaz, hows yer fuckin' kid?"
Shaz: "Buzzin' like, what is you upto now Baz?"
Chav: Im fuckin going ter get meh dole money, like, Ill catch yer later innit."
Shaz: Yeah innit.
(The Chavs Depart)
作者 Jonny 2005年1月03日



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