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from canadian slang. a woman who goes to hockey games for the sole purpose of fucking one of the players.
having gang-banged the entire Sudbury Wolves roster, Tammy earner the label "puck bunny"
作者 lungpig 2003年6月18日
a person, who after hearing a story, responds with one of their own which is intended to belittle or "top" the previous one. usually, toppper's stories are complete and utter fabrications of their limited immaginations. extreme toppers actually believe their own impossible lies, and fantasize about their mothers.
c'mon, you don't need an example, we all know people like this.
作者 lungpig 2003年6月18日
from Canadian slang. a woman who goes to lacrosse games for the purpose of fucking one of the players
after the game, the lacrosstitutes were lined up outside the visitors bus, condoms and anal lube in hand.
作者 lungpig 2003年6月18日
a woman with largish, rounded features, particularly in the posterior and breasts. a woman who resembles the woman of cartoonist Robert Crumb
damn, check the booty on that Crumb girl!
作者 lungpig 2003年6月18日
a screw-up, a SNAFU or confrontation or altercation
the two crackheads got into a kafuffle over the last rock.
作者 lungpig 2003年6月18日
a circle drawn with the free-hand
instead of using a compass, the student drew a fircle.
作者 lungpig 2003年6月18日


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