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basically, to wake up and immediately blaze (smoke marijuana)
作者 mandy 2003年11月02日
filipino term for vagina
hugasan mo ang puki mo!!!
wash your vagina!!
作者 mandy 2003年8月26日
a phrase used by the gallagher brothers (from the band oasis).
if you are 'mad fer it', you like it alot
...yeh im fookin' mad fer your hat
作者 mandy 2003年11月09日
a girl who sucks dick (gives brains)
that nasty hoe is a brainer too
作者 Mandy 2004年10月10日
the best actr ever. He played jim in 28 days later ad Dr. Crane in Batman Begins. He is Irish and oh so gorgeous, and has the hottest voice ever.
Cillian Murphy looked fucking hot in 28 days later, especially the random shot of his naked ass.
作者 mandy 2005年6月24日
A mean, snobbish or spiteful remark. Usually used to describe an insult or a haughty statement.
He gave a snide remark.
作者 Mandy 2003年3月29日
that dead sexy boy bander with the amazing voice and awesome solo album that nobody knows about. kicks major ass, and has great hair.
r:"dude have you heard jc chasez's new album, it's crazy good"
s: "yea my girlfriend like totally jizzed in her pants when she was listening to it.
作者 mandy 2004年8月05日



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