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A wallpaper tattoo is a tattoo of a pattern or print, like leopard print, fishnet, or paisely.
I'm scottish so I got a wallpaper tattoo of plaid around my thighs.
#pattern #print #tattoo #ink #permanent
作者 p@$$ing thr.ugh 2010年1月15日
it's when the punker does or says something to make the punkee look foolish without the punkee realizing it, and nobody will ever find out. IT'S PERFECT!
Remember that time, I falsified information on urban dictionary, and the editors didn't pick up on it, THE SECRET PUNK-OFF!
#consider #your #self #officially #punk'd
作者 p@$$ing thr.ugh 2010年1月14日
a full legion of drunken elves
Person 1: If I didn't know better I'd think you put something in my drink, because I'm starting to believe, I'm zindy.
#drunk #elf #spiked #my #pop
作者 p@$$ing thr.ugh 2010年1月13日
The incredibly sexy man-whore, responsible for the arbitrarily pitched backing vocals for AFI.
Person 1: *shouts over noise of speaker* AFI's vocals seem very consistent, today.
Person 2: Oh, that's because Greg Kriesel's off screwing groupies.
#screwing #groupies #consistent #a #fire #inside
作者 p@$$ing thr.ugh 2010年1月13日
cute and cuddley
Playstation 3 and my better half get along like two cats in a bag.
#cats #bag #two #in #like a
作者 p@$$ing thr.ugh 2010年12月28日
A syndrome commonly seen by prostitutes, whereby the John is unable to get arroused. If the prostitute is a high end well experience sex trade worker she will easily be able to isolate the psychological barriers preventing the John from attaining an errection and completing the service. However some prositutes may be forced into prostitution on the black market and are not experienced or highly intuitive and this may in some cases perpetuate little john syndrome indefinitely.
Anise experiences little john syndrome on a regular basis and soothes the John by feigning innocence to the johns issues at the john (aka crapper/pisser) and John's guilt and self-loathing for visiting her instead working and going home to his wife.

Lacuna experienced little john syndrome for the first time after Stanko brought her John into the motel room. When the John saw the disgust and fear in her eyes it served to perpetuate his little John syndrome.
#john #little john #the john #syndrome #prostitute
作者 p@$$ing thr.ugh 2010年12月22日
the funniest colour ever!
I was staring at chartreuse and rotflmfao
#lime green #pea green #evergreen #olive green #neon green
作者 p@$$ing thr.ugh 2010年12月11日


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