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a wonderful thing, lowers the possibility for yucky complications of accidental pregnancy while ensuring that birth control in all it's glowing toxicity is not necessary
I don't have to worry about accidentally knocking my girl up as a result of possibly mutual sterility.
#so.. #barren #dead sperm #biorhythm birthcontrol #skeet
作者 p@$$ing thr.ugh 2010年12月10日
food and shelter
I'm going to go to the cathedral on uni as I heard they offer felter to homeless wags like I.
#soup #kitchen #stew #sandwiches #scabies #mmm
作者 p@$$ing thr.ugh 2010年12月06日
a hardy plant, with small white and yellow flowers, that somewhat resembles a parsley plant.
I like blossoming plants but they attract too many yellow jackets. I like herbs but they grow to vigourously, so I compromised and planted a boykinia.
#brook saxifrage #boykinia aconitifolia #parsley #meadow daisy #wild daisy
作者 p@$$ing thr.ugh 2010年10月15日
It's the unintelligable string of curse words that comes out when you're sleep deprived, drunk, or otherwise verbally incapacitated and is used to punctuate your speach.
I can't sleep on airplanes, so going into hour 26 without sleep, I greeted my relatives at the airport with modest enthusiasm and filled out my weak sentence structure with a cheerful expulsion of slurry.
#cursing #cussing #verbally-impaired #verbose #swearing
作者 p@$$ing thr.ugh 2010年3月31日
having an orgasm from hearing your own dry wit
*checking out sexy women's lingerie*
Patifus: *drowsymusing* huh, they should make this kind of thing for dudes. The matching tops and bottoms.
Narcifus: Really? Patifus. Really? Oh wait, Sarkgasm. Mmm-hmm.
#sarcasm #orgasm #sarkygasm #snarkigasm #narcgasm #patgasm
作者 p@$$ing thr.ugh 2010年3月04日
The study of the mechanism that 'hubbies' use on their significant other's to extract results.
Leala: *grumpy, not in the mood*
Greg: I don't know if we should have sex anymore?
Leala: Why?
Greg: Well, it's just that you're not that good in bed.
Leala: No way, but I could do so much better, I promise. I'm going to show you right now.
Greg: The oppositology results are in. Greg one, leala zero.
#reverse #psychology #opposite #study #of
作者 p@$$ing thr.ugh 2010年2月26日
What hippy-earth-mother babbles about when she's not laughing about cocaine.
Hippy-earth-mother: We should save the north australian tree-frog, but please also do save the pandas.
Stef: What the hell is the powdered white stuff on my shirt.
#babbling #bubbling #cocaine #kocaine #kokaine
作者 p@$$ing thr.ugh 2010年2月24日


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