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the unofficial capital of the United States of America
I (heart) N.Y.
作者 remmy 2004年4月08日
Incrediably funny, inventive BBC Comedy by Stephen Merchant and Ricky Gervais about the goings-on at the office of a paper company called Wernham Hogg. Gervais plays the inept office manager, David Brent who confuses popularity with good management. Winner of two Golden Globes here in the U.S. and many others abroad.
There is a U.S. version in the works (visible nervousness, cross your fingers on this one), The Daily Show's Steve Carrell (yah!) is set to star in the central role so there is some promise. But watch the UK version first, cause it will always be the original and the best
See the definitive guide to "The Office" www.bbc.co.uk/comedy/theoffice
作者 remmy 2004年5月14日
1. A being(?) incapable of speech, even in his own native tongue
2. The second coming of the Spanish Inquisition and the enforcement of one man's interpretation of who/what God(s) is/are.
3. Paranoid
4. Confused
1. Me Bush English.
2. I'll praise the lord already, just don't Bush me.
3. Don't be a Bush, there's nothig scary under your bed.
5. I just do Bush it...
作者 Remmy 2003年7月30日
A websight dedicated to Davey Havok ofAFIfor all the the fans to meet, make friends and shair our love of Davey. Some are more serious about this saying "Davey is our lord there is no truth but his..." and other like myself who just use it as a fan sight end enjoy the comrodery. I believe the church has actually been shut down but it dosn't natter we still love Davey and we still call ourselves members of the church. Some people think of it as a cult and others as a giant fan club. Davey himself is always saying"I love my children" the fall children weather he meens it in a strange cult lord way or another way to say "i love my fans" it dosn't matter. he has a huge and very loyal following in The Church.
Are you a memeber of The Church of Havok?
作者 Remmy 2005年4月07日
a small strand of hair (cut from your head) tied with a ribbon or braided into a ring to symbolize love and a very important relationship it kind of like the pre-promise ring
she gave him a lock of love to profess her love and loyalty to him
作者 Remmy 2006年2月12日
1. Devil money
2. That thing that makes you more than an animal. Presuamably.
1. Yeah! A supermodel for the low low price of my soul!
2. Serial killers don't have souls.
作者 Remmy 2003年7月31日


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