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A form of hard core PCP: Slang
Damn bizzle thats some good black wack for shizzle, DAMN
作者 shizzle makizzle 2003年10月21日
someone who has been brought up by the pimp game and is livin it.
Or if something is off the hizzle
Yo that coat is pimpolicous wigger!
作者 shizzle makizzle 2003年10月21日
to crap on someones face
damn i just popped off a needle on that biatch, damn thats off hizzle fo shizzle dizzle!
作者 shizzle makizzle 2003年10月21日
someone who steals stuff just so they can be bitches
You rat dont steal my shit
作者 shizzle makizzle 2003年10月23日
the greates character in Reno 911 ever
Yo Jim Dangle is hella funny, HOLLA
作者 shizzle makizzle 2003年10月24日
The greatest known adjective ever!
This word is so great, no awesome, no it is such a great word that I will make up a word for its greatness...right now...Scrumtrulescent
作者 shizzle makizzle 2003年10月24日


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