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Snicktionary is the reference to the Snickers brand Dictionary of created words used on the back of each and every Scnickers Bar.

For instance:
Patrick Chewing etc,.
Man did you see the new word added to the Snicktionary dave?

no man, what was it?

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作者 simpsonstyle819 2009年6月21日
A Girl in the Calico Club who:

A) Has Sex Excessively

B) Has a Bad Reputation of Sexual Events (BJ, Stripping Cheating Etc,.)

C) Some Girl who is always all over guys and tries to be very Sexual

Anonym To Whore, Cheater,
Man Did you see her, she is such a caliblow, she was all over that guy.
#calico #blow #whore #blow job #bj #sexual #reputation
作者 simpsonstyle819 2009年6月15日
The Act of pushing another guy, while he is urinating, and causing him to get piss all over himself and making him miss.
Coach: Jonny what is that all over your shorts?
Jonny: I was in the Bathroom and Zack gave me a Hurricane Flurry so now i have piss all over me.
#piss #hurricane #flurry #funny #urination #drizzle
作者 simpsonstyle819 2009年6月15日
The Term used when you have two (male or females) where one rude ugly girl has a really hot best friend. The term package deal is used when some one only wants the hot girl, but you can only get her through her best friend therefore you invite her to invite her hot friend. It can sometimes be risky because if you attempt package deal and get her to invite her hot friend, her friend may not be able to come, and so you can sometimes get stuck with the ugly girl. But if it pays off, it can definitely be worth it.
Dave: Hey lets call up some girls to hang out!
Steve: You want to call up package deal?
Dave: Ehhh, Its risky.. But I'm feeling pretty lucky!
*Dave Calls Ugly Girl
Hey do you and (Hot Girl) want to come over with me and steve?
Ugly Girl: Oh, (Hot Girl) is out of town, but I would love to come over! I'll see you there in ten!
Dave: Danggittttttt Package Deal failed!!
#funny #hot girl #bad luck #package deal #package #deal #two for one #all or nothing
作者 simpsonstyle819 2012年4月29日
The act of a guy who is terrible with girls takes a picture with 2 or more hot girls to make him appear that he is cooler than he actually is.
Neal: Dude did you see that picture with Justin?

Jeremy: The one with him and all the girls?

Neal: Yea, dude must be a baller.!

Jeremy: Na, he just had a Hodak Moment to try to be cool
#player #fake #hoe #kodak moment #kodak #pimp #fake pimp
作者 simpsonstyle819 2010年8月09日


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