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A term often uses as an adjective, to describe something extremely cool. When used in context, exudes the euphoric feeling of actually finding a barrel full of tits.
Tits-in-a-Barrel...that is the most amazing yellow Corvette she is driving!
作者 surfdog 2009年3月10日
A cheesdick, asshole, douche-bag or just your standard everyday prick. Someone you think about while you are soaping your pills in the shower.
Hey soapy sack, you think you want to stop hitting on my buddy's wife?
作者 surfdog 2009年3月10日
The uneasy feeling one gets after watching WAY too much scat porn.
Dillon was scaturated after watching girls poop in each others mouths, on his favorite website for 7 hours.
作者 surfdog 2016年5月27日
Well...woman don't have balls, so the term is analogous by gender to the phrase breaking your balls for men. Because women definitely need some ovary breaking I think you would agree.
I don't really have to take a shit honey...I was just breaking your ovaries. So keep sucking my cock.
作者 surfdog 2016年5月27日
A euphemism for Mexico. There is absolutely no difference between the 2 countries since early 2000's.
California food gives me the shits.
作者 surfdog 2016年5月28日
Toilet inside a port-a-potty (Mexican space shuttle).
Alejandro is on the Mexican crockpot.
作者 surfdog 2016年5月28日
The act of placing thugs, criminals or drug dealers in the back of a Baltimore police van with no seatbelt, drive extremely erratic, and hope for a spinal cord injury.
Yo PoPo gave Alashawndre a Baltimore bouncing betty...and now he in the hospital.
作者 surfdog 2016年5月28日


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