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a penis
i have the longest tolopper ever!!!
作者 tom nelson 2005年3月01日
you can call people it when you are mad
1. u ciff
2. u dirty ciff
作者 tom nelson 2004年4月04日
a glaze for a ham that scott made
mr nimats: tom can u make the glaze?
me: u mean the ciff?
mr nimats: yea that
作者 tom nelson 2005年1月20日
People who do not live in your neighborhood but still come there any way to 'Trick or Treat.'
Nick: "Theres more and more Ghosters every year in this neighborhood."
Tom: "Yea, why dont they stay in there own neighborhood!"
作者 tom nelson 2006年11月01日
1. a name that was invented for a child with to many names
A. james
B. jim
C. jimmy
D. ryan
E. J.R.
F. loser
G. lesbein

2. if you slur J and R together

Jer: If you think about it all guys are lesbein
Tom: What the fuck???
Nick: Jer you can go be lesbein over there

-Dedicated to Steve and Gabe
作者 tom nelson 2005年9月29日


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