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The relationship pairing of Sokka and Toph Bei Fong from Nickelodeon's Avatar: The Last Airbender. Proponents cite the various instances throughout the show where Toph is shown to have a crush on Sokka, and how their markedly opposing personalities complement each other. Despite their differences, they both seem to share an affinity for sarcasm. However, this pairing is primarily fanon as Sokka ends up with the Kyoshi Warrior Suki. Nevertheless, Toph and Sokka care deeply for each other, frequently risking their lives to save one another.
Tokka shipper: Toph and Sokka make such a cute couple! I wish they ended up together.
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作者 toph bei fong is awesome 2011年5月01日
Jackie Chan's comical mispronunciation of Madison Square Garden in the bloopers of Rush Hour 2.
I always dreamed to square marden.
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作者 toph bei fong is awesome 2011年5月01日
To outperform another in the context of one's level of flatulent noise level, gaseous volume, odor, frequency and/or melodic creativity. Used by Peter Griffin in Family Guy in a farting competition with Michael Moore.
Pelican's Reef, huh? Then that's where I'll go. Cause I'm not afraid of a challenge. Like that time I outfarted Michael Moore.
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作者 toph bei fong is awesome 2011年5月01日
Chinese Amazon girl from Ranma 1/2 who is in love with Ranma Saotome. She fell in "Spring of Drowned Cat," which cursed her to turn into a pink cat when splashed with cold water. When splashed with hot water, she returns to her human form. She works for her great-grandmother Cologne at the Cat Cafe in Japan.
Ni-hao, Ranma! You come to date with Shampoo, yes?
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作者 toph bei fong is awesome 2011年5月01日
A fictional creature in Avatar: the Last Airbender which is a cross between a badger and a mole. They are large, blind animals which were known to be the first earthbenders. They prey on wolfbats and are fond of music. When Toph Bei Fong was a young child, she ran away and hid in a cave, which was where she met them and was taught earthbending.
"I learned from badgermoles. They don't talk, but they're still good teachers." -Toph
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作者 toph bei fong is awesome 2011年5月01日


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