to respond; to give a skillfull or offhand answer to a question
Famous people always have to field some weird questions
#answer #respond #reply #deal #improvise
作者 megamallo24 2013年10月03日
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The counterpart to Track, a sport prevalent in high schools. Often included in the term "Track and Field." Consists of events such as pole vault, high jump, long jump, shotput, and discus. The practice is a helluva lot easier than the running events, but players get about the same amount of credit. During meets, the "throwers, jumpers, and vaulters" can spend quality time checking out hot girls from other schools that are in running events.
-So do you play sports?
--Yeah, I do Track and Field.
-Oh really? I was on the track team in high school. What do you run?
--I run...shotput.
#feild #track #sports #high school #exercise
作者 Paultheman 2006年4月20日
Any word or phrase can be used as a prefix for -field (Ex: gayfield, sharkfield, fuckfacemotherfuck'nfield, bellerfield, stonedfield). Usually a specific characteristic of a noun is used to make up a -field. One can use a physical feature, clothing, quote, action, nickname, etc to create a new -field. Originated in Cincinnati, OH when bellerfield said gayfield.
Dude drops his burrito all over the floor. Dude is Spillfield (Spill -field).
#field #filed #feild #felid #fild
作者 TAPEONE 2006年4月08日
an area for growin weed
what up bruv,come get stoned with me in my field
作者 mc flava 01 2003年7月01日
To handle or take care of
The lawyer fielded the press's questions skillfully, giving away no more information than he wanted to.
作者 Laur 2003年6月24日
A large clearing or open space.
I ran around in the field.
作者 Anonymous 2003年6月18日
omg did u see that? woah so weird?
作者 mommatoe 2005年4月15日


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