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The codename of legendary Secret Service Agent, James Bond
And please double ough seven, try not to destroy this one car.
作者 jesus_crowbar 2003年5月29日
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One who shags many beautiful women
作者 Mi-6 2003年6月24日
Half the man 014 is.
作者 Kenthar 2003年11月06日
Nickname for surgical residents (or any other member of the house staff) who kills patients.
That intern killed another patient last night. He might as well be 007, he's licensed to kill.
作者 MedicalSlave, errrrr student 2005年6月05日
The one person 008 hates most in the world
008: When is 007 going to die already so I can get paid
#007 #008 #die #person #world
作者 yivo13 2010年4月06日
Awesome spy, 73|-| best in the world.

A.K.A.: James Bond
00= license to kill

7=the number of teh person that has the license the kill, so they're are 7 more people.... like Trevelyan (I hopeI spell ed it right)
作者 Samus Aran is Awesome 2005年5月23日
Urban word meaning of being "Single".

As in James Bond 007, he's a "Free Agent"
Chat-up line:

So gal, you's hitched, dating or 007?
作者 Bruce Lee 2005年4月24日


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