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Short for "All Fucked Up". Meaning usually some thing or situation that is messed up, broken, disorganized, or failed.
We can't take my car, I got in a wreck and it's AFU.

After the earthquake the subway was AFU.
作者 leshrack 2003年3月15日
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Means "Almost Fucked Up"
Bob almost had a car crash
Bob: "AFU!"
作者 CarlosG&JavierM 2008年4月15日
All Fucked Up
The directions for this project won't work; they're A.F.U.
作者 CaseyOC 2008年10月05日
"All Fucked Up". When something has been totally messed up. Also see SNAFU
"After breaking his wrist, his pool game is A F U"
作者 Matkowitz 2008年4月05日
alt.folklore.urban, the parent site of snopes and a canonical place to check bogus internet stories.
Dude, Obama did not just sell the moon to China. You should check that shit on AFU before you forward it, eh?
作者 BaronRidiculous 2011年7月23日
abbreviation; as fuck
It's cold afu *TRANSLATION* It is cold as fuck
作者 Supasizedfry and The Boy Wonder 2005年5月19日
Short for "Anything For You"
First Person: Thank You Very Much!
Second Person: AFY
Firt Person: How Sweet
作者 Mdanielsen 2005年4月30日



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