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A quick and easy way for a crappy ISP to try and gain customers. What they dont realise is that no-one actually uses them, we recieve them through the post or in superstores (a personal favourite is B&Q) we dont want them but we keep them. Who can refuse free stuff? These CD's actually prove quite good for throwing, they get great distance.

I think im attracted to getting them because of the nice bright colours they use on their covers.
They got one thing right i guess then!
"wow would you look at that nice bright red colour"
I walk over
"I might take this and never use it but 2 months later might use it for distance throwing"
作者 Alba 2004年11月08日
An instrument of death that's light, portable, and capable of traveling long distances when thrown. They also double as coasters, and "bling bling" for rappers like Ja Rule.

Its primary habitats are dumps, supermarkets, and department stores.
I stabbed my arch-nemesis in the armpit with my broken AOL free CD.
作者 Kraemer0581 2006年7月31日
(n.) 1. A nifty frisbee that's available at any electronics store. You can decorate it yourself with any sort of Sharpy. They're free too, so you can grab as many as you like, despite any glares from store employees.
2. An object you should never put in your computer, for the sake of humanity.
I got my AOL free CD at Circuit City. I drew flowers on it and we played with it for hours until the dog ate it. I glad I grabbed three of them.
作者 Kaylo 2006年7月30日
A challenge in persistance and minimal effort for maximum results.
Though I've received enough to use as coasters, I have only used one AOL free cd in the past 2.5 years of free service, because apparently, the yelling customer is always right and always deserves an extension to free service, even if said customer has never paid a dime to aol.
作者 NikkiNikki 2006年7月31日


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