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He owns you AND your mom. The host of "Loveline" an awesome radio show thats broadcasted from 10pm to 12pm on weeknights; also the co-creator of "The Man Show" and "Crank Yankers"
Adam Carolla: Sometimes it sucks to be a straight guy. Take being in a shower room. Gay guys get to see all the naked guys they want, lesbians get to see all the naked girls they want, and for straight girls its like being at a car show; you get to admire all the nice breasts and butts like they are a nice Porsche. But us straight guys, the people who work the hardest and bring in the bacon get nothing to show for it! Sometimes I hate life.
作者 White Sox Rule 2004年6月05日
one of the funniest men ever. on the man show, was on loveline on kroq, had a show on comedy central that was pretty funny, had a house building show on TLC that was awesome, was on dancing with the stars and should have won with that awesome unicycle ride, now had a alright morhing show on 97.1fm in orange county.
look him up on youtube and see how hes frickin funny
adam carolla: 'this is my crew, or as i like to call them, my band of unemployable idiots'

caller: 'i masterbate around 8 times a day, then my penis starts to hurt really bad. what should i do?'
adam: 'id like to see you up around 8... but this is like someone sayin 'i stab myself in the wrist with a pen and it hurts, what should i do?you stop wackin off so much, you idiot'

'why didnt my mom lay me on my back when i was a kid?? now i can only sleep on my side, so when im in a airplane, im trying to get comfortable twisting around so i can get some sleep...'

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作者 B3N_1x34 2008年6月15日
Renaissance Man, Patriot, God among Men.
Renaissance Man Adam Carolla, saving Americas youth from losing their behyman since 1995.
#jimmy kimmel #love line host #ace man #renaissance man #dr. drew
作者 Prophet Mohammed 2011年4月06日
Comedian that tries to much to be funny. A "Talentless hack", "racist", "uneducated", "starves for attention" comedian.
Hey, don't be an adam carolla man, that's not funny.
#adam #carolla #racist #talentless #uneducated
作者 BillyTheKidSunday 2010年4月03日
The dumbass who took over for Howard Stern after he went to satellite. His first show wasn't funny, and he had time to plan for that one. That tells you just how bad the rest of them are.
I hate the Adam Carolla Show. It's terrible.
#howard stern #satellite #shit #stupid #boring #poser
作者 Leah hates you all 2006年2月20日


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