Someone happy, cute, loving and the best
Look at him, he's such an Alap :)
作者 yoda26 2011年10月28日
As. Long. As. Possible.

The ability to hold in a hit of marijuana for the longest amount of time possible. Related toASAP. Pronounced A-LAP
"Johny hold that hit in ALAP!"

"We need to hold the hit in ALAP to get maximum effects"
作者 Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch 2012年6月29日
As Late As Possible
Mark: Hey Ben idk what time i'll be through with this party so come get me ALAP
Ben: Sounds good
作者 meth0d man 2011年1月24日
As little as possible.
Jordan: How much trouble do you think Sasha got in tonight?

Maggie: ALAP, i hope!
作者 Maggie Erlandson 2008年3月09日


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