slang for: ask me out
why wont danny amo???
作者 Pb'z 2012年4月30日
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An unknown and mysterious phenomena that strikes suddenly and without warning, while always remaining to be unseen. The victims of Amos are known to have severe and sudden aches and pains in random areas of the body.
The following takes place in an unknown place, and all characters are fictional...
MR16: "Ey John are you okay?"
John: "Nah man, my butt is aching!"
MR16: "Ahhhh that sucks."
Do: "Tough break man."
MR16: "It must have been Amos again."
John: "Did anyone see Amos?"
Do: "No one ever does and no one ever will!!!"
作者 MR16 2006年4月20日
A wonderful, smart, and loyal person. Quite funny and always hard-working.

A brother who is always there for his family.

An overall good person.
Everyone needs a brother like Amos.
作者 PatienceBrody 2011年5月24日
it means "i love" in italian
amo brent very very much!
作者 XoLiLgUnItGrLxO 2005年4月20日
The best thing that has ever been born!!! :D
Daaaaamn, I wish I was Amos
作者 Yhann 2011年4月24日
Back-up, background but always around when you need a friend to talk to.
Amos is a: Ass kick' in wingman and renaissance man.
作者 Pyrexlit 2010年2月03日
New Zealand slang with many meanings and used in many different ways. Mainly used in South Auckland.
1)Short for Amateur
3)Stuffing something up
4)Can be used if you disagree with something
1)You're amo!
2)You're amo!
3)You amoed it.
4)You like apple than microsoft! Your amo!
作者 Krîþ 2010年10月24日
The most beautiful girl in the world,
AMO is the most beautiful girl in the world.
作者 Bill DeVore 2005年10月30日



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