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Someone who is extensively annoying
SAR's leader is an annoyance
作者 Henry McKinnis 2003年1月14日
Society. That is really all I have so say.

I am overwhelmed by annoyance!!

"Fuk u u whor as btch!" - Thing said by common idiots found on the internet.


People who refuse to take responsibilty in their life.






People who talk to much.

Do you wish for me to continue?
#society #people #annoying #irritating #anger #pain in the ass
作者 Addie777 2006年10月13日
1)someone who's every other word is R rated and turns every thing into a negative experience
2)someone who puts a sexual or perverted spin on everything
1) annoyance-i F**** hate this class its so F***ing sh*t-like
2) see #4 of winnie the pooh
#annoying #annoy #negative #perverted #pessamistic
作者 innocent 2005年12月11日
n. Word used to describe a large group of tourists, similar to a herd of cattle or a school of fish.
What?! The party's down on Fisherman's Wharf?! Man, I hate going down there! You can't walk five steps without running into an annoyance of tourists, clogging up the sidewalks, walking all slow and shit, heads buried in maps, talking with that Wisconsin accent.
作者 Kdubbie 2005年8月16日
Collective noun for a group of year 7s (1st year of secondary school, 11-12s.
I left the canteen only to be swamped by a large annoyance of newbs.
#year 7 #7 #newbs #annoyance #annoy
作者 Hujanika Bolokofpt 2007年9月06日


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