A area south Asheville NC. Rivals to the fuck faces across the river living in Biltmore Park/Skyland area.
Screw the McShell lets go down to Arden and rape Boones' Corner!
作者 coolpeople77 2010年8月14日
another name for hummus.
Person 1: would you care for some arden?
Person 2: :O id looove some its my favourite food!
作者 janiceyourghost 2007年3月17日
A half sized hooker with a giant chode that isnt able to jack off due to being too fat.
Wow that kid is SO arden!
作者 balla!12321 2009年12月15日
Lover of who are man whores
arden loves them man whores
作者 dam truth 2004年12月05日



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