Arlene is a beautiful, wonderful person you will know. Once you meet an Arlene it will be hard to forget her. She will be there in thick and thin, she will be the kind of person that will care for you, when you become friends with her you will never regret it. Arlene is the type of person that you will want to keep for ever. Once an Arlene is attached to you, she will want to be with you until the end, just like the way she falls in love. When Arlene is fallen in love with someone, it will take an internity to forget about that special someone. When she is with someone, she will be completly faithful even though her heart has been broken in pieces in the past she will still want to keep finding her Mr.Right. Arlene is the person you wont want to loose frienship with if you do, you wont find another friendship the way Arlene had it with you. Arlene is just a beautiful funny person that will make you smile even when you have your down days she will make anything possible to see you smile, even her smile brights up a gloomy day, she will have her down days too, but she will always keep that smile that everyone loves.
Josh: you have been with arlene about a year now ?

William: no , two years now

Josh: you are lucky to have her

William: yes i am
#great #gorgeous #funny #smart #pretty
作者 Wassup10 2013年11月17日
Top Definition
the greatest person ever!
I love you Arlene!!!!!!!!
#best friend forever #r-lean #arz #awesome #sister from another mister
作者 Tray Sea 2006年9月12日
Ar⋅lene /ɑrˈlin/ Show Spelled Pronunciation ahr-leen

Someone possessing great beauty and kindness. Arlenes are generally good natured and soft spoken, but when startled or angered they internalize their rage and begin to gnaw on their fingers, when their intense anger finally boils over they often become violent and will seek revenge by performing a "Sunday" on your car. Arlenes tend to be very complex and have dual sides to their personalities. They can be at the same time very understanding and very insensitive. When observing an Arlene in the wild be on the look out for her special mating dance, it is unmistakable. No man can resist the lurid temptations of her dance. Once a Arlene has seduced you with her dance, there is no escape from her clutches. It has been noted that even in death there is no escape from the constant wanting and desire that she brings.
"Wow she really has you whipped, she must be a total Arlene!"
#cute #wicked temptress #insesitive #whipped #sunday
作者 honeyboy 2010年2月03日
A sexy girl with an awesome personality. Everybody likes and cares for her, once you meet an Arlene you will never forget her. She will lighten up your day if you are having a bad one. Everything about her is unique.
She is an Arlene
#cute #big booty #nice #funny #smart
作者 Athletepro879 2015年1月05日
name of the sawed-off shotgun that Eric Harris used. He named it after Arlene Sanders (DOOM novels). See Columbine.
"Arlene - the only woman Eric ever really loved."
#eric #harris #shotgun #columbine #klebold
作者 rebdoomerHAHAHA 2009年7月27日
a woman who looks like a scar-crow
yo that girl just rolled out of bed...yo g that girl is a hot arlene
#bitch #whore #run down ship #scary mother fucker #smut
作者 annoymous bitch 2008年8月28日
a retarded person with a gay laugh and she get in a stupid mood all the timeee for no reason at all
she is very annoying

wtf?!? whose laughing like a tourtured chinchilla??
it's probably arlene
#annoying #bitch #scary laugh #retard #gayy
作者 lalalaloserxx 2008年8月13日


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