Charles Brooks The biggest Douche bag in the world...............4REAL! The most recognized Ass Clown on the planet.
Charles is a D BAG! If he was a dinosaur he would be DBAGASAURUS. He is THE ass clown.
作者 DeFACE 2008年3月28日
Someone who blames George Bush for everything, including a hurricane in New Orleans.
Assclown #1: That idiot Bush and his big oil people caused the hurricane in New Orleans.
Assclown #2: Yeah, I heard there were black helicoptors in the area just before the levy broke.
作者 EyeHeartA2 2008年1月06日
An ass clown is one who does such foolish things as to deserve death in return.
Arjun is an ass clown because he enjoys stabbing his own hand.
作者 Mungerdom 2004年7月30日
an experimental rock band from Chicago, Il
the ass clown is great
the ass clown sucks
作者 evk 2004年6月15日
somebody who is a fucking loser
cory wease is a fucking ass clown
作者 chris 2003年9月16日
somebody who is a puff or just a bit limp wristed or even some scunners
作者 sheepello 2003年7月05日
a homosexual male strongly preferring the tendency to have butt-sex with other men.- a fagle.
elton john's new boy-toy is a real ass clown
作者 quarterstikk 2007年2月21日



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