(ás kloun) n.:

One of foolish (or more often than not, homosexual) behavior who cannot appropriately be described by the word "clown" nor the word "ass".

Thus "Ass-Clown".
'White brother' offers 'White brother no. 2' a hot-cake:

"Get off me you fucking ass clown!!!"
作者 zoldrin 2004年2月25日
a guy acting lame that chris jericho really hates and likes to use this word to make fun of such wwe oro wrestlers like hhh the rock vince mcmahon and many more
hhh is a ass clown
作者 nick 2004年1月07日
craigers is an ass clown and cant think of any better insult than ass clown for other people
作者 al 2003年10月02日
Someone who makes pointless comments and is always mad about the small things. No make up is neccesary to be considered an assclown, Although blond hair helps.
That Cara, she such an assclown.
作者 crasarfdsa 2007年6月04日
One who smells like a circus folks bottom end.
Bill Gates or Steven SEAGULL
作者 Zig 2004年1月31日
Someone who uses this website to push their political views.
US inhabitant is a real assclown!
作者 Scoomdot 2005年10月29日
A man who only cares about real drums. A man who dogs out people who don't have all the mics and facilities to record the real drums.
Phat Pat is an Ass Clown



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