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the smallest particle of matter, contains protons, neutrons, and electrons. The protons and neutrons are contained in the nucleus while the electrons revolve around the nucleus at immense speeds
the only real definition on this page
作者 CorrodedBeing 2004年12月18日
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Ass To Other girls Mouth.
The act of fucking a girl in the ass (hard) and then putting your shitty member into another girls mouth waiting nearby.
Christoph, what did you think when you gave Mareike the old a.t.o.m.? She didn't seem to like it.
作者 Andi Putlitz 2004年12月03日
Attracted To Older Men Syndrome
young woman: wow! that guys HOT!

friend: ? hes like 50

young woman: yah i guess i just have ATOMS
作者 kevin dampman 2011年1月18日
The act of having anal sex then immediately having/giving a blowjob. Going ass to mouth. Also known as the "rusty nail"
I went A to M on that bitch last night.
作者 M. Marlene 2007年8月28日
Attracted To Older Men Syndrome
Young Girl 1: Whoa! Look at that guy over there. He's hot!
Young Girl 2: Dude, he's like 37.
Young Girl 1: Sorry, I have ATOMS.
作者 Laura42395 2011年1月18日
Something that hurts you but you like it anyways.
"Anal is such a Tom"

作者 Katrin Princess 2006年6月20日
the basic unit of matter
atoms make up everything and everyone
作者 redydfeyg 2014年11月24日



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