When you're in the car with multiple people and one person rips ass: A fart so deadly it can be compared to jews being gassed in Auschwitz.
Dude, last night driving home from taco bell Max pulled an Auschwitz so bad that I had to park the car and get out. Drew even puked.
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作者 myniqqaSTUBBS 2013年9月05日
Top Definition
A german death camp, Used in WWII for killing and torturing jews, many jews died in gas cahmbers and other methods
Aldof hitler is fuckign sick, He killed so many jews in auschwitz death camp
作者 AC 2003年9月24日
Refering to a small, cramped, and often overheated space, similar to an auschwitz crematorium.
crouched in scott's trunk, mike exclaimed, "wtf, its like fucking auschwitz back here!"
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作者 mikechen 2006年8月18日
1) The name of the largest concentration camp in WWII

2) Used to describe a place where someone lives, which is in really bad condition.
Dude, I visited John's new apartment yesterday...what a shitty place..it was totally Auschwitz.
作者 The Crimson King 2005年6月05日
the meaning of pain
Dude, what's that one Slayer song on Reign in Blood about Auschwitz?

Angel of Death.

#birkenau #slayer #joseph mengele #angel of death #reign in blood
作者 KaiserReisser 2010年3月19日
The act of farting in a small, confined space where an escape is challenging while sharing said space with another person. This is best achieved in places like the shower, motor vehicle or a small walk-in closet. Basically a variation on the Dutch Oven with less chance of the victim avoiding your stench.
"Dude, the wife was showering with me last night and I totally Auschwitz her."
#fart #dutch #oven #death #camp
作者 RandyWiggins 2015年4月15日
to let a horrible smelling fart while taking a shower with one's significant other.
Jim's girlfriend refuses to shower ever since he gave her that Auschwitz
#fart #shower #gas #stink #flatulence
作者 Big Droz 2009年6月23日


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