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1. A movie made with a low or limited budget.
2. The phrase is more commonly misused to describe a movie of noticably poor quality.
3. It is rarely used to describe a movie with a low profit margin regardless of budget size, but I have heard it used this way occasionally.
1. "For a b movie, it had some pretty sweet visual effects."
2. "That might have been the worst movie I have ever seen. I wish the reviewer had mentioned it was a b movie"
作者 The Wudge 2006年10月29日
A movie that is not "Grade A". Usually has lesser-known actors and is not as heavily advertised or in theatres.
Office Space. Any Pauly Shore movie is a B Movie
作者 JTZA 2006年5月13日
A movie known for their low budget. Or possibly even their low grade of acting. Most of the time b-movies are either scifi, or horror. But are most of the time unintentionally funny.
meet the feebles is a very popular b-movie
作者 plunger 2003年10月23日
The term "B-movie" was used to distinguish a film from an "A=movie", in a time before TV when movies were all there were. Movies were cranked out continually, the way TV shows are now. An A-movie is a high-budget, highly promoted feature film. A B-movie is the regular, lower budget stuff.
Plan 9 from Outer Space is a B-movie
作者 VGL 2003年12月09日
A movie without the benefit of well-recognised actors and cinema screenings, though also commonly associated with poor acting, bad effects and a minimal or ridiculous storyline which justifies any number of violent acts or scantily clad women.

More often than not these films can be enjoyed with a group of friends armed with large quantities of alcohol and be found more entertaining than anything with enough budget to make blood not look like strawberry toothpaste.

Can also be connected to an 'A-movie' with a cult following or all the qualities listed above.
Brain dead is a B movie.

Anything directed by Alex Chandon is a B movie (or soft porn).

Alien resurrection has more plot holes than Stars Wars episode III and is more unnecessary than episodes I, II and III - and therefore should be a B movie.
作者 The Diabolic Harpy 2006年10月08日
A low quality movie with a budget in the tens of thousands of dollars or less. Actors are unheard of, scripts are very cheesy and lame, and the movie is of very poor quality, shot with cameras you can buy from any electronics store usually.

Acting in B movies is usually described as being wooden acting
"Five across the eyes" is a B movie horror and you cant hear any of the dialog because there is so much screaming over it and the sound quality is very poor.

That sucked even for a B movie. The punches clearly didn't connect yet the villain still fell to the ground in agony.
作者 Goth Doll 2015年8月28日



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