A term popularized by the southern california automotive club "Socal Stangs" bmo means to 'beat me off'
Hey why dont you come over and BMO while i wash your car in that little outfit you like.
作者 Domin8- 2009年9月04日
a term that stands for Big Momma Oza. A woman who is very chunky and loves to be gangbanged by 10 black men.
"See that chunky woman?"
"Yea what a BMO"
作者 MegaTroll 2012年2月22日
Blaze me out.

Usually used on the internet to tell somebody that they want to smoke without potential teachers, parents, family members knowing. Can also be interpreted in the same way as "Smoke me out".
Yo where you at, BMO!
作者 \q-b/\b-q/ 2011年5月04日
Burn Me Out!
Related to Smoke me out
BMO nigga I'm broke!!!
作者 420evol 2011年7月27日
"bitch mackin outfit" means you got fresh swag and the babes will be all over you
"bro, you gunna get it in tonight?"

"forsure, i got my bmo"
作者 captnh00k 2011年8月14日
Blaze Me Out!!!! ;)
BMO Dude!
作者 Cavy Wavy 2015年9月26日



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