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bitch with issues
Greg: Hey you still seein your lady friend?
Clyde: Naah, that crackhead's a bwi...
作者 Grandmaster C 2010年5月10日
Commonly related to the term DWI for driving while intoxicated; this term means bicycling while intoxicated.
Guy1: "Dude, you got arrested last night? That blows! How?"

Guy2: "I thought it'd be okay if i rode my huffy home last night but the cops were everywhere and i ended up gettin a BWI. Now i have a court date."
作者 twobirdsinhand 2010年10月08日
BWI stands for Browsing While Intoxicated. This is similar to DWI for driving. BUI is a situation where a drunk person is having a great time browsing the internet and having fun.

Clinton: What are you doing? Wanna come over to my place to watch some TV

Santosh: Sorry but I am BWI!
作者 SantoshGeorge 2009年3月07日
bitches with itches
Dan why do you tend to hook up with them BWIs
作者 nampoh tnek 2010年10月05日
Better While Intoxicated
"Tim and Eric is really BWI"
作者 NVR23 2012年9月29日
Blogging While Intoxicated -
You go out, you drink, you come back home at 5 am and can't help turning on the computer and blogging and ranting about the night you've had. You're BWI!
NOTE: This post has typos because I wrote it at 4:30 am...I was BWI. Sorry
作者 Ella Unread 2011年5月26日
Bowling While Intoxicated
B.W.I. is enhanced by wearing bling.
作者 Cletus Van Damm 2007年7月24日


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