1) An object, usually a light, that directs attention to a specific place or area.

2) How idiots spell "bacon".
You can't miss the airport, just keep an eye out for the beacons. They're there for a reason.

My wife left me a note on how to make that omelette. I need eggs, cheese, green papers, diced ham and something called beacon.
作者 SuperMcBlah 2009年9月14日
Top Definition
A bright shining individual that stands out among others. The know all be all end all for all things.
He is such a beacon in the community.
作者 u4icgroov 2009年3月10日
Also a city in downstate NY. See definition "Tree City, City of Beacon, or Beacon, NY"
Where u at?

tree city
作者 Finch31 2005年5月06日
A City in Southern Dutchess County in which is know to be pot-infested drug addict wasteland full of mostly Catholics that unanimously approve of the usage of Marijuana and named their city "Tree City". They send their kids to public schools that are ranked lowest in Dutchess County. Really religious people send their kids to *Private Catholic Schools* Beaconites are known to be racist to many groups of people they don't prefer. Two being Gays (not Lesbians) and Autistics.

Beacon is often stereotyped to be a picture-perfect Hudson Valley suburb of NYC.

The mayor of Beacon as of June 27th 2010 is hated even by Beaconites, in fact, Beaconites don't know what to say about them. He wanted to close down their on the spot and very helpful Fire Department Engine One, while residents easily signed a petition, and he's done other questionable actions to make life harder for Beacon residents.

Beacon has a grudge held towards it by the Poughkeepsie Journal newspaper. One can see this when articles about Beaconites are written like this fake obituary "Joe Smith, who was from Beacon a lifelong Beaconite, has died in his home in Beacon. He was from Beacon, and went to Beacon schools, and regularly attended games in Dutchess County and Beacon. He was a Beacon wrestler for his JV Beacon Bulldogs team in Beacon High School which is located in Beacon, New York."
*Poughkeepsie resident walks to his car after meeting several Beaconites and having a very rough time at lunch being criticized he's from Poughkeepsie.*

Lifelong Beacon Resident: Where are you from?

Poughkeepsie Resident: Poughkeepsie.

Lifelong Beacon Resident: Lol, dang you guys got lots of problems... wow! I don't like Poughkeepsie.

Poughkeepsie Resident: What's the problem? Every area has good and bad to it--

Lifelong Beacon Resident: Lol, that's *coughs up flem from yesterday night's Friday Night Main Street party and spits while Poughkeepsie resident flinches* ta-- *ahem* that's mad funny, I'm dying *cough*!!! Hahaha, whatever *walks away, socially backs off and coughs a bit more flem up*

*Poughkeepsie resident walks away in disbelief*
作者 VanillaCoffee 2010年6月27日
A beak-shaped large nose. Not attractive..at all.
1: 'That Nigel guy has a HUGE beacon!'
2: 'Watch out, he's turning round, he might knock us out!'
作者 10-year-olds 2008年5月16日
Large firm breasts the nipples always seem to be erect weather in a bra or not.
The tit's you can't help but stare at.

They shine like beacons therefore they become it.

They are not age defined could be on a cougar or a young chick.

People can't help but stare at them.

"No matter where they are everyone seems to be drawn to stare at them like a shining pair of beacons."

"The are like a pair of bug lights you seems dawn to them"
作者 Maple Backwoods 2010年1月23日
A small city located in the northern suburbs of NYC. Also called the tree-city, it has many art gallerys and restaurants. Some people say the people in Beacon "hate gays and autistic people, and they only send their kids to Catholic schools..." but this is not true. Beacon is a very nice and welcoming city in which many people visit. Beacon is the almost polar opposite to newburgh which has many gangs and crimes. I love to walk around Main Street and visit the shops. And on the second Saturday of every month, all the gallerys stay open late and put out new items for display.
Hey dude, look at the top definition for Beacon on UD. It says we hate gays and we're super religious.-Matt

looks up from coffee

Dude, that's not right. Beacon is just full of hipsters and

artists. Looks like someone hates trees. Right Dave?-Devin

Pulls off nerd glasses

I'm not a hipster! Yeah yeah sure, trees yeah. Now shush guys, I'm trying to get past this level!-Dave

What are you even playing?-Matt

Doctor Who episode 4: Shadows of the Vashta Nerada.-Dave

Hipster......-Devin & Matt
作者 PIE 2012年3月03日


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