Occurs when an Australian tries to say the word "Bear." They tend to refuse it make you feel bad for telling them they can't speak proper English. Since Australians are weird, they can't pronounce their "R's" so they fail at life. Try to get them to say other words that end with er, like pear. If you get them to yell at you try to record it and play it to humiliate them.
IT'S NOT A BEH, IT'S A BEH!@!!@!!@1
作者 AntiA 2007年11月05日
A verbal shrug
How was your day?

作者 pseudostar432 2010年2月28日
1. whatever
2. that was stupid
3. thats corny
4. what was that about?
5. what do you want?
6. just to say it
"i lost my phone."
作者 que pedo 2008年4月23日
"boy" Scottish highlands term
pronounced "beiii-h"
作者 Seff-P 2010年11月20日
A term used to describe stinky breath.
He got the beh.

You got the beh.
I can smell your beh
作者 DMVSLANG 2013年1月31日
used in newfoundland by the newfies. used after everything, regardless. refers to someone.
Person 1: Whaddyat beh?
Person 2: not much, beh, what about you beh?
Person 1: not much, beh, went around with the behs last night, beh.
作者 Whattayatby 2011年4月22日
Greeting a mate in a deep husky voice.
Alright BEH!
作者 duffers8503 2009年7月23日



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