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v. Bollocking, when one is lectured, criticised or reprimanded. When one receives things Bollocking they have just been bollocked. Alternatively bollocked is used to describe a high state of inebriation.
"You're gonna get a bollocking my son"
"He just bollocked me!"
"I am completely bollocked"
作者 Lucy 2003年5月29日
A harsh punishment for something you've done.
In the words of James May as his blimp flies into restricted airspace:

"I may be about to get a collosal aviation bollocking"
作者 Mike Hunt, York Hunt 2010年5月19日
Frolicking with ones testicles out.
Pull your pants up and stop bollocking.
作者 fruitsaladsniffer 2016年1月07日
to give out...
My boss just gave me a right bollocking...
作者 Cully 2003年4月01日
1) Castration (Also, de-bollocking)

2) Legnthy series of verbal put-downs.
I hate bollockings.
作者 Gumba Gumba 2004年3月03日


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