Top Definition
When something is more boring. Instead of using more boring use boringer
My family are boringer than they used to be.
作者 Laura Beckham 2013年6月15日
It can get more boring
Brooke: Uni work is so much boringer than being bored.
作者 didn'treallyfeellikeputting 2008年9月22日
a word stating a worse case of boredom
i was talkin to theresa and i said that sleep is boring, she said "go to bed" and i said no, sleep is boringer than this
作者 Justin Johnson 2003年7月25日
to be more bored at the moment then humanly possible.
This test is more boringer than the last.
作者 A-iric 2007年5月04日
more than boring.. made by a blonde
Teghan is currently boringer
作者 Anonymous 2003年5月06日


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