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to attempt to scare another individual with a gun or knife
Break yo self sucka!!
作者 Essence 2003年8月21日
What you say to someone before you jack them.
If anyone ever tells you to "break yo self" prepare for a severe ass whoopin'.
In some movie the thug says "break yo self foo" beats the shit out of the guy and robs him.
#ass whoopin #beat down #robbery #thug #ghetto
作者 Eeepers 2007年10月31日
What people think gangsters and thugs say before a robbery. Correct term is, "brace yo'self".
Officer! He came up to me and said, "break yo'self fool!" and then he pulled out a gun. Officer speaking corrects victim by saying, you mean " brace yo'self fool!
#brace yo'self #jooked #air out #hit #marked
作者 Saga121 2010年6月12日


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