a person who burns themselves as a result of getting rid of depression or stress or very emotional feelings. Its a type of self-injury. Self injury is actually a coping mechanism used to deal with powerful negative feelings and prevent suicide.
I was a burner.
作者 Sadistic Beauty 2004年1月21日
Someone who burns an excessive amount of incense
I was over at my friends house and she is such a burner
作者 JamminJosh4 2008年8月06日
hot chicks/sluts/ dick-fiending bitches~!
"you didnt tell me you got some serious burners at your school here!"
作者 kapsh 2007年5月28日
A custom tag or spray paint on an item.
Look at that Burner on the wall!
作者 Jizzo izzle 2006年5月25日
baseball gloves used in fighting
pass me my burners im about to fuck dis nigga up
作者 thaburg838 2005年4月05日
Short for "Stoneburner" which is an atomic tool/weapon used in the Dune universe as written by Frank Herbert. Used to drill huge holes in things very quickly and tend to blind people.
Paul got blinded by a stoneburner. I think it hurt.
作者 Lord_D 2004年10月17日
A gun
You got no burner! fake azz
作者 Amasian 2003年7月06日



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