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Originally a demi-god whose soul purpose was to destroy the common chav.
Now it is a term dedicated to those brave few who roam Britain's cold rainy streets, draped in their superior black and beholding great knowledge and wit. They often hang out in rock clubs, where they build their armies of darkness until they are ready to march to the Chav lair... the place they call 'McDonalds.'
Please donate generously to your local Chavhunter society. Just £2 a month will help make the world a better place.
Clutching his tridant, the chavhunter stood alone in the shadows, his black leather coat fluttering violently in the breeze. He was waiting for his prey to arrive.
作者 Jonny 2005年1月03日
A mega agressive person who beats up chavs. Usually a goth who wants revenge.

Chav hunters have have been known to operate in small packs and carry weapons. (Nunchuckers and swords being faves.)

The Chav's Bogeyman
Chav 1: Don't hang around McDonalds, I hear the Chav hunter comes here - and if he catches you...
作者 Kelly Osbourne's Gimp 2005年7月01日
A person who either hunts in packs or alone, and destroys Chavs. Sometimes called the Van Helsing of the Metal/Rocker/Goth/Mosher/Punk society, a person who is much better than the police as being the final/only solution to the Chav Problem
Chav 1: I've heard the Chavhunter comes here, I'm on my own so I can't look tough.
Chavhunter (in the shadows): don't move, scream out or Breathe, you're going to die!
作者 Metal Master 2005年9月27日
A legendary hero found once every thousand years, although with the recent chav activity many have been spotted roaming the streets.
Common way to spot a chavhunter:
1)Black Clothing
2)Black T-shirt with Chavhunter logo
3)Person who listens to any type of "metal"
4)The guy with a knife from Coventry
"Hey Kazza! There's only one chav."
"Smash his head in."
作者 Kazza 2004年12月06日
a hunter of Chavs. Was rare to see even two in an area but due to the unnatural increase of chavs in areas of Essex and Manchester there should be more hunters appearing very soon.
a single chavhunter crouched in the shadows,clutching his chavhammer, waiting for a unsuspecting chav to wander out of macdonalds. alone.
作者 FearlessHunter 2007年11月19日
a hero of the people who works to rid the world of the chav menace a metal head by day a enforcer of right and jusice by night he/she is one of the legendery chav hunters
the CHAVHUNTER walks into mcdonald's or mcchav's and shouts chavs are scummy motherfuckers and fights them outside and kills all leaving one alive to tell the tale
作者 mitchell the chav hater 2007年11月11日


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