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wuss, wimp, someone who is easily scared or avoids dangerous situations
That Candy Ass won't go skydiving with us.
作者 m 2003年11月07日
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An ineffectual person; someone who is afraid of risk or shrinks from conflict.
Only a candyass drinks lite beer; heroes specify Guinness!
作者 Duckbutt 2004年11月09日
A word filter on 4chan that comes about by saying "faggot."
OP is a candy-ass roody-poo fucker.
作者 MegamanTTEX 2011年6月19日
A guy who is basically afraid of his own shadow; a real wuss type
Lenny is such a candy ass he won't walk any further east than Avenue A.
作者 Steviedee 2004年1月22日
(noun) A person who displays insufficient fortitude or toughness in a difficult or uncomfortable situation; by extension, a person or thing which is inadequate to the purpose at hand. Can be turned into an adjective by adding -ed ("candy-assed"). Frequently heard in the military.
"He was too much of a candy ass to do a hundred push-ups and run ten miles before breakfast."
作者 anarcissie 2008年5月28日
A Sissy
That candy ass over there is going to get his ass kicked
作者 Lisa 2003年11月07日
Richard Simmons.
Hey who's that candyass sweatin' to the oldies?
作者 StonerSmurf 2003年11月07日



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